Speech by The Chairman

Wutong Group founded in 1999 has been in existence for more than 20 years. Benefiting from the atmosphere inheritance of Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions - Dare to Be the First in The World, and the appreciation and continuous promotion of Suzhou municipal/district governments on the business environment, Wutong Group started from a small enterprise engaged in the production and manufacture of communication equipment, and continued to focus on the RF connector segment market. After more than ten years of efforts, Wutong Group successfully listed on the GEM and became a public company. From then on, when confronting with the revolutions and chances of the mobile internet, the company has actively transformed, implemented the dual-wheel driving strategy, expanded the communication infrastructure connection to the internet application connection, continuously leveled up the operation quality, and gradually developed into a continuously-growing enterprise rooted in Suzhou, covering the whole country and making great strides to the overseas.

As a lucky shell picker in the market economy waves, Wutong has a development history that has shown obvious era traces. As the saying goes, recall the past in the light of the present, and know the future by taking example from the past. All of the achievements have become the past, while the left regret can only be supplemented in the future. Standing in a new starting point, the people of Wutong have to make efforts and work with perseverance, not to fail this great era or our youth.

At present, the communication and information technology represent by 5G is speeding up development. Mobile internet of Things, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, autopilot, and virtual reality will all come one after another, which will not only deeply change the world but also bring new challenges and chances to Wutong Group. We will adhere to the core value “Integrity, Simplicity, Innovation, Integration”, stick to the operation philosophy of “Innovation Driven, Win-win Cooperation”, promote operation transformation and industry upgrading in a second startup state, optimize the business structure, explore the innovation in operation system, management system and commercial mode, work hard to provide products and service beyond the expectation of the client, create bigger values to the stockholders, offer a platform and space for the employees to demonstrate skills and grow continuously, carry out social responsibilities, make bigger achievements to the country, and realize the healthy and sustainable development.

Sincerely look forward to working hand in hand with new and old customers, cooperation partners, and friends from all sectors of society, striving to run on the dream-pursuing way and forge ahead continuously.

Chairman of Wutong Group :