Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS)

Our Capacitiy
We have first-tier manufacturing and testing equipment, all kinds of reliability testing equipment, ICT&FCT testing equipment, more than 21 pieces of ASM Chip placer (X4/X3/X2 etc.), on-line printing machine /SPI/AOI/reflow oven/wave-soldering oven/selective wave oven/ smart laser mark machine all are from the top three brands in the global EMS industry, the rest or of reliability equipment like X-ray, flying probe tester, Agilent 3070 ICT, BGA rework station, salt spray tester, drop tester, ROHS tester, First Article tester, thermal shock chamber, deep water tester, pull force tester, X-RAY XULM
We have full completed process capabilities, such as minimal size 01005 chip placing mass production, BGA placement, water cleaning, conformal coating, robot dispensing, robot welding, wave soldering, selective wave soldering, can do minimum lead pitch 0.3mm, minimum lead width 0.15mm, minimum ball pitch 0.35mm, minimuml ball diameter 0.2mm, and board size can reach to 610mm*580mm*5mm.
Our management team all came from the first-tier EMS worldwide companies, with full experience in manufacturing and management. Each department can communicate fluently in English with overseas clients
We are using CFT management mode which has been well recognized in EMS industry, offering our processional service under guidance of customer requirements.

Our Advantages
Our advantages are first-tier equipment, professional team, complete process capability, perfect quality control system, mature global supply chain integration, continuously-optimized research and development capabilities, and CFT (Customer Focus Team) management mode.
By means of the group business scope, we also have in-house PCB, connector, antenna, injection part, and data module as supporting business.
Our systems include ERPII,MES,ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO13485,IATF16949, visible management system, process and component traceability system etc.

Our Main Application Fields
Automotive electronics (including vehicle-mounted charging unit/battery management system BMS/instrument panel/central control system/motor control/charging pile/navigation radar control system etc.)

    Auto BMS               Auto IPU Control Panel 

    Auto Sheet  
Industrial control (including scanner/image display/intelligent instrument/security protection system/intelligent system etc.)

  Industrial Control LED Panel        Industrial Control Electric Control Panel

  Industrial Control Scanner

 Industrial Control Instrument    Industrial Control Instrument
Communication (including 3G&4G&5G data module/gateway route/wireless charging/intelligent bracelet/wifi Bluetooth module etc.)

 Communication Control Panel     Communication Control Panel

 Communication Gateway Control Panel

  Communication Control Panel      Communication Control Panel 

  Communication Gateway Control Panel
Medical electronics (intelligent beauty apparatus/detector/flow cell analyzer/hearing-aid/urinalysis instrument etc.)

  Medical Massage Instrument         Medical Panel
Other fields (such as energy/commerce)

      Energy Panel           Energy Inverter