Internet Advertising Precision Marketing Service

Adin Media(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The internet advertisement business of Wutong Group has been handled and operated by its wholly-owned subsidiary- Huzhong Advertisement (Shanghai) Limited Company that mainly works on the internet sequencing advertisement business based on the RTB technology. Depending on the self-developed AdIn SSP platform, AdIn AdExchange Platform and AdIn Performance Platform, Huzhong Advertisement hammers at offering automatic flow adaptive service to the media resources, effectively showing the marketing information of the advertisement demand side to the target or the potential user through the accurate matching of advertisement content and display counter, and optimizing the media flow resources value while fully promoting the marketing effect of the advertiser. It has realized its own value on the basis of a win-win situation for all parties.

As a high-tech enterprise driven by technology and data, Huzhong Advertisement has expanded its business to information flow, ASO and CPA, and become a one-stop digital accurate marketing platform in the internet advertisement industry, which has covered all kinds of flows, multiple platforms and terminals.
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