Mobile Information Service

Beijing Guodu Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd.

Wutong Group wholly-owned subsidiaries- Beijing Guodu Interconnection Science and Technology Limited company, as the leading enterprise mobile informatization service provider at home, has always worked on building a bridge between the enterprise IT system and the mobile internet, kept the strategic target orienting the mobile internet industry, focused on the finance bank clients, and developed the enterprise mobile informatization business by facing the big enterprise client. Based on the three aspects like the client service, the production and operation and the wireless marketing, the individualized mobile information solution have been provided for the enterprise while the professional supporting service has been offered to the operation and maintenance. At present, the business scope of Guodu has covered the mobile informatization solution providing, the mobile informatization product operation service, and other mobile value-added comprehensive services.

Finance Mobile Information Service
Guodu Interconnection is one of the enterprises that have attended the finance industry message service in the early time. With more than 10 years of bank client service experience and the perfect capacity of developing, operating and maintaining the finance message service platform, it can rapidly respond to the needs of the bank clients on the mobile information service. At present, the bank clients of Guodu Interconnection include 30 large and medium-scaled finance organizations, such as Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China Citic Bank, China Mingsheng Bank Corp.Ltd, China Everbright Bank, Beijing Agriculture and Commerce Bank, Hubei Bank and Qingdao Bank. The whole-service line finance message services have been provided, including Short Note, Reconciliation Message, Bills Reminder, Customer Care and Marketing Information.
Guodu Interconnection is experienced in the landing, opening and operating of the channel number. It also has successfully assisted the tycoons like Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Ctrip and Haier to accomplish the launching and accessing work of more than 20 three-network channel numbers and more than 100 single-network channel numbers.
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Mobile Informatization Platform Development Service
Guodu Interconnection can provide the clients with the development, operation and maintenance service of a perfect mobile informatization platform. The message service system operated by Guodu Interconnection has been completely and independently developed by its team. By adopting the NIO (Mina) frame and NoSQL data base Redis to build up the system buffer layer, make the message service system reach to the technical index of using 1,000,000,000 to frame 300,000,000 deployment (message daily sending volume). It also has passed through the actual operation tests of state-owned large-scale banks and large-scale internet enterprises at the important moments like Double Eleven.
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Mobile IoT Business
Guodu Interconnection is one of the domestic companies that have attended the mobile IoT business in early time. In 2008, it became the M2M business partner for China Mobile and successfully carried out a series of mobile internet business of the Forestry Mobile Information Management Platform of National General Administration of Forestry. At present, Guodu Interconnection is the business cooperation partner of the top three operators, and it can provide a series of platform mobile IoT solutions to the clients, including IoT Accounting Platform, IoT Card Management Platform and Car Networking Platform.
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